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Residents, library supporters and the 1500 strong membership of Sanderstead Residents’ Association are actively opposing Croydon Council's plans to consider closing our much-loved library.  Croydon council is required to make savings over the next four years, a consequence of which is the risk of closure for Sanderstead library along with five others. Croydon’s consultation questionnaire on the proposed options for these libraries closed on Sunday 20 February 2011.

Since the end of the consultation, Croydon Council has now embarked on a joint project with Wandsworth Council to outsource their library networks.  They are currently assessing bids which have come forward offering to run their library services. See Future of Croydon libraries – link -


Latest News

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Save Croydon Libraries Campaign.  Click here for up to date news and views.

Support for Sanderstead library

I just wanted to say that I lived in Sanderstead from the 50’s to 70’s and Sanderstead Library was a beacon and a sanctuary for me. My mother was disabled with multiple sclerosis and by reading books (probably one a day) I was able to find another world away from the sadness and hard work that living with disability brings with it. I well recall sitting down with a book and being so absorbed that the sun had moved round those windows and finding I had lost a day in the most pleasant of ways!

I would visit the library about three times a week and never ceased to be transported by what I read. It has given me a lifelong love/addiction for books and and public libraries. They are a special resource and provide many opportunities for all kinds of people.
As a consequence of the space, peace and books provided by Sanderstead Library (and Croydon Central) I went on to gain a Ph.D in criminology and write full time.
I live in Hove, East Sussex now, but will never forget the debt I owe Sanderstead Library.
I wish you every success in keeping it open, I know you face a real battle.
May the Gods go with you!
Dr Sue Iles-Jonas JP

Francis Rossi (Status Quo), Mark Butcher (former England and Surrey County Cricket Club batsman) and Karen Hardy (professional ballroom dancer and coach, ex-Strictly Come Dancing) have signed the e-petitions.

"I practically lived in my local library when I was a child. I had only one shelf of books at home and I'd read them all a dozen times so it was wonderful to be able to borrow hundreds of new books and feed my book-a-day habit. I feel deeply saddened that so many libraries are under threat at the moment. If they disappear, it is another opportunity lost for so many children who may not go on to discover the sheer pleasure and joy that reading can bring.”
Dame Jacqueline Wilson, award winning English author

"I just wanted to voice my support of your campaign, I used to live in Addington village, Selsdon and Sanderstead and used both Selsdon and Sanderstead libraries regularly when I was at school in the 70s and 80s. I still remember discovering Asterix books for the first time. Oh, how they made me laugh. I used to feel so dreadfully guilty sniggering as I devoured them in case a librarian came over to tell me off. To think of either of these libraries closing their doors upsets me greatly. While I acknowledge our government's need to save money, cutting public services shouldn't result in people losing access to all the wonderful life and mind-expanding facilities found in libraries. Let's hope Croydon councillors do the right thing and save them for our children's sake if nothing else. Best of luck with your campaign”
Matthew Wright, Journalist and TV presenter

"It is difficult to put into words how important libraries are; they are a vital link that we cannot be deprived of, the shared knowledge and inspiration that can help to mould each of us, the community base that binds us together. I am an author because of my love of books. I was inspired from an early age and spent many hours in libraries, as did my children. Sanderstead Library was an invaluable source of information and pleasure for me and my family. We don't just want our library to stay open, we need it to stay open. For us, for our children, and our children’s children".
Trish Phillips, Children’s author and illustrator

Previous campaign activities include:

Tuesday 28th February 2011 - Protest against the Council's budget cuts

Saturday 5th February 2011 - Save our Libraries Day

Saturday 15th January 2011 – petition-signing

As part of an awareness-raising exercise, a petition- signing event took place outside the local Waitrose, Limpsfield Road on Saturday 15th January 2011.

Saturday 8th January 2011 – protest

Over 100 people, spanning the full age range from babes in arms to retired and elderly residents, held a protest outside Sanderstead Library on Saturday 8th January 2011.

Since mid-December 2010 – leaflet circulations and engaging the community.

Leaflet drops to households and local shops in the area which started in the middle of December.  Many of the shops also held petitions to sign.

Local organisations, schools and community groups were contacted to encourage them to show their support for Sanderstead library.


Sanderstead library needs community support!